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WeCare Fund for Student-Initiated Youth Suicide Prevention Projects-Best Practice Award Presentation Ceremony
《與你同行》資助計劃 – 由學生主導的防止青年自殺計劃頒獎典禮

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WeCare Fund for Student-Initiated Youth Suicide Prevention Project (the project) is the very first cross-institutional student initiated suicide prevention project conducted by The Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention (the Centre). The Fund aims to encourage students, with the support of professional advisors, to organise, initiate, and implement mental health related projects at university campuses, and through the projects to nurture positive emotions at campuses and to enhance awareness of mental health issues among youths. Supported by Mr Lau Ming Wai, Chairman of the Commission on Youth, the project had invited applications from students and tertiary institutions from June to August in 2016. Fourteen selected projects at 10 tertiary institutions were funded and completed by December 2016. An award ceremony was held today (March 9). The champion, first runner-up and second runner-up of the Best Practice Award received HK$50,000, HK$30,000, and HK$20,000 respectively for continuation and expansion of their projects.

Champion, First runner-up and Second runner-up of Best Practice Award

IMG_6183_lrThe champion was the “Shall we talk” team, a group of youngsters passionate in drama from Hong Kong Baptist University. They expressed their concerns over issues regarding suicide through a self-directed play, written with an aim to inspire audience to reflect on their roles in suicide prevention, as well as deliver the message of treasuring life and emphasise the importance of communication. The whole drama consisted of three stories: the first story explored the causes of suicide and the roles of different stakeholders in society in suicide prevention; the second story highlighted the need to seize the opportunity to care for people around and not to miss their signs for help; the third story encouraged open and honest communication among people and spread hope for the future. The team held three performances at a Black Box Theatre, which were all very well received with over 100 audience attending each time. After each performance, the actors and scriptwriter were engaged in a dialogue with audience to exchange views and feelings. The Centre’s review committee agreed that using stories and drama as a medium to raise public awareness and encourage discussion on suicide prevention is more appealing to the youth, in terms of arousing interest and building emotional connection, as compared to traditional methods such as writing column articles or holding exhibitions. The project is therefore worth to be sustained and promoted so as to reach out to more students at different institutions.

IMG_6179_lrThe first runner-up was the「心晴」team (literally “shining heart”) from the Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). Their project targeted students living in residence halls. According to the team’s observation, students at the university have been busy with academic work, lectures and placements, and since around one-third of the students are staying in residence halls, reaching out to this group should be the most direct and effective way. The team prepared greeting cards, stationeries and souvenirs printed with words of encouragement and contact information for counselling services at the Student Affairs Office, for distribution at dormitories and on university campus. Resident tutors also took the opportunity to chat with students when giving out the greeting cards and small gifts. In addition, a stress relief workshop utilising the expressive arts was held for hall students. It was scheduled in the evening after classes to allow more students to attend. EdUHK students are future teachers in society. Their mental wellbeing as well as their awareness of the importance of it should be of paramount importance, as they will be given the responsibility to take care of the physical and mental health of their students and spread positive messages to them. Therefore, the Centre’s review committee was of the view that the project should be made sustainable to benefit more teachers under training.

IMG_6172_lrThe second runner-up was the “Game of Tones: You matter, we care” team from Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). The team composed of non-local research postgraduate students at the university. They formed the team out of a sad experience in the past regarding a hall student suicide case, and hope to promote mental health awareness, reduce stigma on mental illness and encourage those in need to seek help. Activities held included “Rap in the dark” rapping workshop, “Kick it out” boxing experience, and progressive muscle relaxation training and meditation. Participants could relieve their emotions and stress through music, exercises, and different relaxation techniques. Post-activity evaluation on participants’ mental health knowledge and their help-seeking attitude revealed a general improvement in knowledge and a more positive attitude towards seeking emotional support from professionals. The Centre’s review committee expressed in particular appreciation for the non-local student members who have dedicated themselves to care about the mental wellbeing of all students in the university. Their work can fill the gap of existing services to cater also for the need of non-local students to help them adapt to the new environment in Hong Kong and cope with academic stress.

Care and Communications are the keys

The ceremony provided an opportunity for the organiser to express appreciation to the participants to thank them for their support of the WeCare Fund and in promoting proactively suicide prevention. The Centre thanked each participant and institution, in particular staff members of the student affairs offices and professional advisors, for their time and effort.

Mr Lau Ming Wai, sponsor of the project and the guest of honour at the ceremony, was encouraged to see so many students and institutions participated in the event. He expressed his appreciation towards the creativity and strength demonstrated by the youngsters in these projects. They were able to design a mobile app, perform a play, or implement a peer counsellor scheme within a short three months’ time. Mr Lau was confident that these projects would bring new ideas to inspire future suicide prevention work.

Professor Paul Yip, Director of the Centre, said the fourteen student-initiated projects had rightly placed an emphasis on the importance of connection and communication among people, through social media or in person to express care. He urged the students to take one step further to continue to show care and be the guardian angels of their peers.

This press release can be downloaded here in PDF format.

For media enquiries, please contact: Rickey Yau, Tel: 2831 5232, Email:

《與你同行》資助計劃 – 由學生主導的防止青年自殺計劃(以下簡稱「本計劃」)是香港大學香港賽馬會防止自殺研究中心(以下簡稱「中心」)首個跨院校及由學生主導的防止自殺計劃,目的是協助學生於大學校園內去發起、組織及開展與精神健康相關的活動,配合專業人員指導,培養校園内的積極情緒,及加強青年大眾對精神健康的關注。整個計劃由青年事務委員會主席劉鳴煒先生贊助,在2016年6月至8月接受本港各大學及專上學院學生申請,最後受資助的計劃共14個,分別來自10間大學/大專院校。所有計劃已於2016年12月圓滿結束,並於今天(3月9日星期四)舉行了頒獎典禮,頒發「卓越實踐計劃獎」的冠軍、亞軍及季軍,得獎計劃會分別獲得港幣5萬元、3萬元及2萬元的額外資金用作維持和擴展其計劃。


IMG_6183_lr冠軍的得主為香港浸會大學的Shall we talk團隊,他們都是一群熱愛戲劇的年青人,通過表演自行編寫的劇目,表達對自殺議題的關注,讓觀眾反思個人在預防自殺的角色,並帶出珍惜生命及溝通的重要性。整個劇目由三個故事組成,第一個故事探討自殺的成因及社會上不同的持份者在自殺事件中擔當的角色;第二個故事提出要把握關心身邊人的機會,別錯過他們的求助訊號;第三個故事鼓勵人與人之間互相溝通、坦誠表達及要對明天抱有希望。他們在一個黑盒劇場共表演了三場,每場都超過一百名觀眾入場,反應十分理想。每場表演完結後,演員及編劇都會與觀眾互動,解釋創作理念及共同探討對故事的感受。評審團認為透過故事及話劇形式,以軟性的手法引起大眾對自殺課題的關心及討論,比起通過傳統的模式,例如文章或展覽更貼近年輕人的興趣,亦可推廣至不同的院校,接觸更多的學生,值得延續。

IMG_6179_lr亞軍的得獎者為香港教育大學的「心晴」團隊,他們的計劃對象是住在學生宿舍的同學。團隊成員表示,教育大學的學生課業繁重,上課及實習時間長,校園很多時都較為冷清。而有三分之一的同學住在學生宿舍,在宿舍接觸同學是較為直接及有效的方法。此計劃製作了不同的心意卡、紀念品及文具在宿舍及校園內派發給同學,除了印上鼓勵性語句外,還加上了學生事務處學生輔導服務的聯絡方法,讓同學更清楚有關服務及尋求協助的方法。同時,宿舍導師可以透過派發心意卡及關愛小禮物,直接與宿生傾談,作出關心。另外,他們安排了以表達藝術(expressive art)的方式的減壓工作坊於晚間時份在宿舍舉行,不但符合同學的日程表,增加同學參與的機會,並且以較新鮮的方式讓同學學習減壓方法,增強吸引力。教育大學的學生是未來的老師,若他們擁有良好的精神健康及明白精神健康的重要性,將來便能多關注學生的身心健康,把正面的訊息教導學生。故此,評審團認為此計劃的持久性及影響力將更為長遠,希望有更多的受訓老師可以受惠。

IMG_6172_lr季軍的得獎者為香港理工大學的Game of tones: You matter, we care團隊。團隊成員都是香港理工大學的非本地研究生,他們參與本計劃的起因是過去有宿生在他們所居住的學生宿舍自殺身亡,故此希望透過此計劃出一分力,提高同學對精神健康的關注、減低對心理疾患的負面標籤及鼓勵有需要的同學尋求協助。他們的計劃內容包括舉辦饒舌工作坊(Rap in the dark)、拳擊體驗(Kick it out)、漸進式肌肉放鬆法(Progressive muscle relaxation)及冥想(meditation)訓練,讓參加者可以透過音樂、運動及不同的放鬆技巧紓緩自己的情緒,減輕壓力。根據他們所作的成效研究,以不同的量表量度參加者對精神健康的認知及求助態度可見,參加者在參與計劃活動後,對精神健康的認知有所增加,亦對尋求專業人士協助處理情緒問題採取更正面的態度。評審團特別欣賞團隊成員作為非本地學生,都積極關注所有同學的身心健康,並留意到非本地研究生要適應香港的生活及應付學業的壓力,填補了服務上的空缺。





下載本新聞稿的 PDF

傳媒查詢請聯絡︰邱世邦先生(Rickey),電話︰2831 5232,電郵︰

Social Media for Social Good [Talk 3]

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Our seminar ‘How to make the Internet Safer and Better?’ was successfully held on 22 February, 2017. We were honored to have Mia Garlick, Director of Policy of Facebook Headquarter, Charles Mok, the legislative councilor (IT constituency), and Hsu Siu-man, Supervisor of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) sharing their views on the topic – ‘how can social media play a more active role in suicide prevention’.

The seminar was followed by a vibrant discussion with more than 50 people attended, including teachers and counsellors from schools, government departments, non-government organisations, social media professionals, scholars and students from various disciplines.

‘As a counsellor providing service to school teenagers, I need guides to empower my students so that they can support their peers. I was thinking that if the kid’s friends had seen the last words he posted on Facebook and knew how to respond, they could have saved his life,’ said a school counsellor.

We would like to express our deep sorrow for the loss. At the same time, we were grateful to see that the school representatives were determined to help our youngsters and proactively seek advice from professionals. Here we kindly inform the resources we have for diverse stakeholders including schools, parents, and media professionals:

Visit the WeCare website for information related to suicide prevention such as warning signs, risk and protective factors, tips for communicating with people who are emotionally distressed, etc.

Play the interactive game to know how you can respond and support a friend who is going through emotional distress and suicidal thoughts.

We also provide mental health-related and suicide prevention training workshops for different stakeholders in the society. Please do not hesitate to contact us via 2831-5232 for more information of and supports for suicide prevention.

我們以「如何使網上世界變得更安全和美好?」主題的研討會已經於二零一七年二月二十二日順利舉行。當中Facebook政策主任 Mia Garlick,立法會議員(資訊科技界)莫乃光,和香港青年協會督導主任徐小曼,就社交媒體能如何更主動參與防止自殺工作作出分享。







Social Media for Social Good – Talk 3
How to Make the Internet Safer and Better?

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Please register via HKU Event Management System


Ms. Mia Garlick (Director of Policy at Facebook)

Hon. Charles Mok (Member of Legislative Council of Hong Kong, Information Technology)
Ms. Siu Man Hsu (Supervisor, Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups)

Prof. Paul Yip (Director of HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention, HKU)

Date : Feb 22, 2017 (Wednesday)
Time : 9:30 – 10:30
Venue : Studio 3, 2/F, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Building for Interdisciplinary Research, 5 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong.


Social media has been playing a vital role in suicide prevention, as well as many other social issues. It provides a new platform to connect people and to reach out to those who used to be hidden in regular social settings. In view of the potential outcomes, Facebook online safety expert, Mia Garlick will present Facebook’s latest safety tools and share some global best practices with regards to online safety. Following Mia’s talk, representatives from suicide prevention professionals, legislators, and NGOs will join her in a panel discussion on how social media, such as Facebook, can work with different stakeholders to make the Internet a safer and better place.

About the speaker

Mia Garlick is the Director of Policy at Facebook, working across the Asia-Pacific region. In her role, Mia liaises with government, safety and community organisations and other key stakeholders. Mia also co-ordinates safety initiatives for Facebook across the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to joining Facebook, Mia was the Assistant Secretary for Digital Economy and Convergence Strategy at the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. Mia joined the Department shortly after returning from Silicon Valley where she worked as the Product Counsel for YouTube and, prior to this, the General Counsel for the non-profit Creative Commons.


Enquiries: Please contact Mr. Rickey YAU at or 28315232

【多一點關注 ─ 情緒拯救攻略】互動遊戲

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你的朋友面對情緒困擾時,你會如何反應呢?假如你的朋友向你表示他有自殺的念頭,你會如何做?中心與端傳媒合作製作【多一點關注 -情緒拯救攻略】 互動小遊戲於2016年12月19日正式發布,讓公眾學習如何關心有自殺風險或受情緒困擾的人士。歡迎各界人士訪問、轉發此遊戲,以鼓勵更多人成為守護生命的天使。


Community resources on Suicide Prevention 防止自殺的社區支援服務  (

Suicide Prevention Service 生命熱線 2382 0000
Samaritans 撒瑪利亞會 2896 0000
The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong 撒瑪利亞防止自殺會 2389 2222

Neighbourhood effects on wellbeing:
Two multilevel analyses of life satisfaction and substance use from Hong Kong and Taiwan

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Please register via HKU Event Management System 

Speaker: Dr. Shu-Sen Chang (College of Public Health, National Taiwan University)
Date : Sept 23, 2016 (Friday)
Time : 12:00 – 13:00
Venue : Studio 2, 2/F, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Building for Interdisciplinary Research, 5 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong.


There is a growing body of literature on the effect of neighbourhood socioeconomic characteristics on individuals’ health and wellbeing. The substantial growth of understanding in this area benefits much from the advent and access to multilevel analysis, which enables the disentangling of effects of individual- and neighbourhood-level factors. In this seminar multilevel analyses based on two population-based, representative samples from Hong Kong and Taiwan will be presented. The Hong Kong study investigated the association of neighbourhood socioeconomic factors with individuals’ life satisfaction and happiness. The Taiwanese study examined the association of neighbourhood socioeconomic factors with individuals’ use of alcohol, tobacco, betel nut, and illicit drugs. Limitations and implications of the findings will be discussed.

About the speaker

Dr Shu-Sen Chang MD, MSc, PhD, is currently Assistant Professor at the College of Public Health, National Taiwan University. He was trained and had practiced as a psychiatrist in Taiwan (2001-2007), and completed his PhD in Bristol, UK (2010). His research interests include suicide and suicide prevention, community mental health, psychiatric epidemiology, and spatial epidemiology.

Please register via HKU Event Management System 
Enquiries: Please contact Mr. Rickey YAU at or 28315232

Developing Comprehensive, Integrated Approaches to Suicide Prevention

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Please register via HKU Event Management System

Speaker: Dr. Eric D. Caine (University of Rochester Medical Center Rochester)
Date : Sept 23, 2016 (Friday)
Time : 11:00 – 12:00
Venue : Studio 2, 2/F, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Building for Interdisciplinary Research, 5 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong.


To date, there have been no effective, broadly applied, comprehensive and sustainable approaches to preventing suicide and risk-related premature deaths in the United States.  Rare examples of exceptional programs exist – in the US Air Force and the police force of Montreal, Quebec, Canada – but no one has replicated these results, nor is it clear that they are suitable for dealing with the extraordinary diversity within and between states, let alone an entire country. Preventing suicides and premature deaths – to the extent that there is a substantial reduction in population-level rates – will require systemic, systematically applied and coordinated interventions. They will require carefully crafted public health initiatives that reach far ‘upstream’ while also dealing with persons on the ‘edge of death.’ While suicide is often viewed from the perspectives of individuals who have killed themselves, these deaths are drawn from diverse groups who share common characteristics. Effective prevention programs must address the diversity of these groups even as it is essential to meet the needs of individuals suffering great distress. Suicide prevention must be built as a mosaic; no single piece will convey the entire picture.

This presentation will consider what elements are necessary for creating and sustaining the mosaic of efforts required for preventing suicide, attempted suicide, and antecedent risks that are common to these adverse outcomes, as well as other related forms of premature death.  It will consider the challenges involved when promoting effective, broad based coalitions; the opportunities from forging synergies among diverse groups; the development of dynamic models to explore the impact of programmatic changes and interventions; and the central role of culture change that will be essential to creating and sustaining a powerfully effective suicide prevention movement.

About the speaker

Dr. Caine has served since 1996 as John Romano Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester Medical Center and Co-Director of the Center for the Study and Prevention of Suicide (CSPS) since its founding in 1998. He has deep experience in the evaluation, management, and aftercare of acutely suicidal individuals, dating to the 1970s. Dr. Caine recently was a member of the Task Force charged with reformulating the National Strategy of Suicide Prevention, a subgroup of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, and now co-chairs its ‘Impact Group’, which will track the effects of the new strategy on national rates of suicide.

Please register via HKU Event Management System
Enquiries: Please contact Mr. Rickey YAU at or 28315232

WeCare 與你同行
2016 World Suicide Prevention Day Press Conference

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September 10th is the World Suicide Prevention Day. The HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention (CSRP) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) will hold a press conference on September 9 (Friday) with theme “WeCare與你同行”.

Professor Paul YIP Siu-fai, Director of the Centre, will at the conference present the latest suicide statistics for Hong Kong, and talk about our newest research findings. The student suicide incidents in early 2016 raised the public’s concerns. The conference will focus on youth mental health and encourage everyone to Connect, Communicate, and Care about those who are in need. Jason, an influential Youtuber with over 440,000 subscribers, will share on how he recovered from suicidal thoughts by receiving help, and how he activated his social network and encouraged his subscribers to seek help. CSRP will also launch the latest WeCare與你同行 website in hope to facilitate different stakeholders to contribute to suicide prevention.

Details of the press conference are as follows:

Date: September 9, 2016 (Friday) Time: 2:30 pm (Media registration starts at 2:15 pm) Venue: Studio 3-4, 2/F, HKJC Building for Interdisciplinary Research, 5 Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, HK Language: Cantonese (English is available for Q&A session)


2:30 – 2:40 Professor Yip (Director of CSRP): releases the latest suicide rates in Hong Kong and shares recent research findings on student suicide cases
2:40 – 3:00 Jason (Youtuber): shares experiences of “connect, communicate, and care”
3:00 – 3:10 Professor Yip: launches the latest WeCare website and concludes the event
3:10 – 3:30 Q&A session

About HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention (CSRP), HKU Founded in 2002, the CSRP has been promoting the use of Public Health Approach in tackling suicide problems in Hong Kong. The CSRP has established its reputation in suicide research and prevention worldwide and extended its research scope to well-being of individuals as well as the whole society. The CSRP believes in that empirical research would optimize practices and ultimately contribute to the improvement of a society.

Download official full Press Release (English) here.
Download Press Conference Slides here.

For media enquiries, please call Mr. Rickey YAU at (Tel) 2831 5232, or send email to

每年的9月10日為世界防止自殺日。香港大學香港賽馬會防止自殺研究中心(以下簡稱「防止自殺研究中心」)將於9月9日(星期五)舉辦「WeCare 與你同行」為主題的新聞發布會。

會上,防止自殺研究中心總監 葉兆輝教授將報告最新的香港自殺率數據及人口分佈特徵,並介紹中心最近的研究成果。近來學生自殺事件引起各界關注,大會將以青少年的精神健康為中心,圍繞『連結、溝通、關心』,呼籲各界人士伸出援手,支持有風險的人士走出困境。為此,大會特別邀請了一位擁有超過44萬訂閱的Youtuber ——「大J」,分享他的心路歷程,從身處困境卻不敢求助,到現今運用他的影響力,去鼓勵其他面對情緒困擾的人。大會並將公佈最新版本的WeCare 與你同行」網站,旨在協助各方持分者參與防止自殺工作。


地點:香港薄扶林沙宣道5號香港賽馬會跨學科研究大樓2樓Studio 3-4
語言:粵語主講,問答環節可使用英文 流程

2:30 – 2:40 葉兆輝教授(防止自殺研究中心總監): 公布最新香港自殺率數據,介紹中心關於學生自殺的研究發現
2:40 – 3:00 大 J (Youtuber):分享自身經歷
3:00-3:10 葉兆輝教授:公佈最新版本「WeCare 與你同行」網站,總結
3:10 – 3:30 傳媒提問




傳媒查詢請聯絡:邱世邦先生(Rickey),電話︰2831 5232,電郵︰