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QEF Thematic Network on Developing Students’ Positive Attitude and Values – Parent Talks
《培養學生正面態度和價值觀》主題網絡計劃 – 家長講座

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香港大學香港賽馬會防止自殺研究中心獲得優質教育基金的撥款,在本港中小學推行為期四年培養學生正面態度和價值觀的計劃,透過與老師及家長共同合作,希望提高學生的生理及心理健康質素。由於父母對子女成長具有重要而深遠的影響,為促進父母營造正向成長環境及化解常見的親子衝突,本中心將於27/2/2016(星期六)上午舉行兩場家長講座,題目分別為:(一)衝突停得了 及 (二)正向教育造福家庭,費用全免,詳情分列如下,敬希垂注。

日期 2016年2月27日 (星期六)
地點 九龍塘沙福道19號教育局九龍塘教育服務中心西翼4樓422室
時間 上午9時45分至11時15分
對象 中學家長
講者 香港青年協會親子衝突調解中心青年工作幹事 韓曄姑娘
  • 註冊社工,畢業於香港中文大學社工系碩士課程
  • 現為香港調解資歷評審協會認可綜合調解員及香港和解中心註冊調解員
  • 著有於2010年由香港青年協會出版的<<找快樂的媽媽>>
  • 擁有超過二十年青少年及家長工作經驗
  • 藉著影片分享及短講等輕鬆方式,讓家長了解到親子衝突的情況,並明白到處理及預防親子衝突的有效方法,從而改善親子關係
時間 上午11時30分至下午1時正
對象 小學家長
講者 救恩學校 陳梁淑貞校長及姚黎丹雯助理校長
  • 陳校長於香港大學取得學位後,任中學教師、教育局課程發展工作及直資小學創校校長,多次應邀在本港及世界各地進行教育交流。在校內積極推動健康校園政策和措施,培養正面、健康和快樂的新一代。
  • 姚助理校長具教育及基督教神學學位,對學生的生命素質及家長教育特別重視,一直在校園內推展宗教教育、生命教育及正向教育;二十年來持續為家長舉辦具系統性及適切性的教育課程。
  • 讓父母了解正向教育及其重要性
  • 啟發家長樂於持續學習正向教育,並在生活各層面中實踐
  • 期望父母能以正向態度面對家庭大小的壓力與挑戰,從而帶給家人有身心靈的健康,並能關係密切

貴家長如欲參加上述兩個家長講座,請於23/2/2016前填妥網上回條,額滿即止。如有任何查詢,可致電 2831 5229與許小姐聯絡。

Education Team Greets Visitors from Tokyo Gakugei University

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Professor IWATA, Yasuyuki (Deputy President of Curriculum Center for Teachers, Tokyo Gakugei University) and Dr. Li Jun (Associate Professor, Education Policy Unit, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong) arranged a study visit to CSRP with 10 Tokyo Gakugei University students on 27 Jan 2016. These students are prospective primary school teachers and are particularly interested in understanding teacher and student suicide and the corresponding prevention efforts in Hong Kong. Staff from the CSRP presented the suicide figures in Hong Kong, the current mental health programmes for students and 3 research reports about Hong Kong teachers’ workload and wellness. In return, Professor IWATA and the students shared about the general role of primary school teachers and the possible causes of student suicides in Japan. Both CSRP and the visitors from Japan have enhanced understanding of each other’s work. In addition, all agreed that suicide prevention is an important issue and everyone can contribute to make a difference.


Working Together for Injured Workers in Hong Kong

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Following the release of report on the social review on the Employees’ compensation insurance system in Hong Kong, Professor Paul Yip met with Hon Mr Lee Cheuk Yan in a working meeting (22 Jan 2016) to explore ways to help injured workers return to work. Discussions in the meeting include existing barriers identified in the report, such as the long waiting time to receiving medical and health services and mindsets of injured workers. All parties at the meeting saw the pressing need of removing these barriers and improve the system for the wellbeing of injured workers.

(left to right) Prof Paul Yip, Hon Lee Cheuk Yan, Mr Ben Chung, Deputy Chairman, The Employees’ Compensation Residual Scheme Bureau and Mr Peter C H Tam, Chief Executive, HKFI

Upcoming events for the QTN Project

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The student programmes for primary and secondary schools participating in the QTN Project have been developed. Corresponding teachers have received training about how to implement the programmes, and the programmes are going to start in January.

On 27 February, we will organize 2 parents talks for our participating schools. One for primary schools and another one for secondary schools. The topics include how to promote positive education in family and effective skills to enhance parent-child communication. Recruitment will start soon.

* Due to restriction of resources, this seminar is ONLY available to participating schools in the project.

Press Conference – From Compensation to Rehabilitation
不止賠償 更要「重返工作」

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From Compensation to Rehabilitation

A Social Review of the Employees’ Compensation Insurance System in Hong Kong
Research Findings Release

In Hong Kong, about 200 fatal and 55,000 to 60,000 non-fatal cases resulting from work-related accidents and diseases have been recorded each year. Occupational rehabilitation with an emphasis on early and comprehensive intervention immediately after injuries has demonstrated to be the international best practice in disability management post occupational injuries. The practice, however, has not beenProfessor Paul Yip listened attentively during the Q&A session widely adopted in Hong Kong. To have an understanding of the underlying reasons, the Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention (CSRP), Department of Social Work and Social Administration of the University of Hong Kong (HKU), has conducted a consultancy project jointly with the Employees’ Compensation Insurance Residual Scheme Bureau (ECIRSB) to review the Employees’ Compensation system for local workers.

The CSRP held a press conference on 14 Dec 2015 to release its latest research findings and recommendations from the project on restoring the well-being of injured workers. Press release is available in both English and Chinese. The Powerpoint presentation is available in Chinese.

At the press conference, Professor Paul Yip presented the latest statistics on work-related deaths and injuries in Hong Kong, and on compensation insurance claims, such as the demographic characteristics of the workers who filed insurance claims, the types of common injuries, and number of working days lost from injury. He also spoke about the major problems in the current system, namely a compensation-focused culture and the physical and psychological barriers that hinder the success of return-to-work for injured workers, such as stress from family and employers, and the loss of self-esteem. Recognizing the challenges encountered by injured workers on the road of recovery, professor Yip stressed the importance of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention strategies and called for a collaborative effort of building a worker-centered system.

DSC00037Doctor Sheung Wai Law, an honorary clinical associate professor from the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), shared a success story of implementing a multidisciplinary rehabilitation model with the focus on early intervention – the  Multidisciplinary Orthopedics Rehabilitation Empowerment (MORE) Programme. This programme has demonstrated great success in facilitating early and safe return-to-work for injured workers. With the positive impacts brought by the MORE programme, the project hopes to initiate efforts of expanding the programme, so more injured workers can gain access.

Last but not least, the CSRP would like to express gratitude to all the stakeholders who contributed to the project and those who provided utmost support for the project’s effort in propelling meaningful changes for workers health and social well-being of Hong Kong.

Join our focus group on altruism and well-being (with compensation) / 招募聚焦小組參與者 主題:有關助人與福祉 (補貼車馬費)

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A Qualitative Study on Altruism and Well-being

Join our focus group on altruism and well-being (with compensation)

You are cordially invited to join our focus groups on altruism and well-being in HK. Your participation and sharing will be very much appreciated and contribute to making Hong Kong a better society. To compensate for transportation and time, each participant will receive $100 HKD cash after completing the focus group. Refreshments will also be provided at the focus group.

For further details, please visit our website: (the details are available in English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese)

You are welcome to disseminate this message on your social networks.

Thank you very much for your attention!

Best regards,

HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention, HKU

招募聚焦小組參與者 主題:有關助人與福祉 (補貼車馬費)

我們是來自香港大學的研究團隊,現誠邀您參與一項有關助人與福祉的關係的研 究。您的參與和分享將為我們的研究提供寶貴數據,亦將對改善香港的社會福祉作出重要貢獻。我們將向每名完成聚焦小組的參與者提供港幣100元正作為車馬費,以示謝意。小組討論時亦將會提供簡便小食及飲品。

詳情請訪問我們的網站: (繁體中文、英文、簡體中文三個版本可供參考)




QEF Thematic Network on Developing Students’ Positive Attitudes and Values

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School recruitment exercise was completed.  In total 27 primary schools and 21 secondary schools joined the thematic network as of 8 Sept 2015. The first training workshop for school teachers on evidence-based practice and programme evaluation in school settings was conducted on 27 Aug 2015. In the new school year 2015-16, the project team will start developing universal programmes for students in developing positive attitudes and values with our core primary and secondary schools.

Evaluation Study for Project WeCan

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Interviews and focus groups with different stakeholders of participating schools and business units of the evaluation study had been completed in May 2015.  The volunteer survey has rolled out in June 2015. Currently, the project team is writing the final report for this evaluation study.

Kidmatters – A Web and School-based Approach to Promoting Children’s Mental Health

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All participating schools have completed classroom teaching in June 2015. The project team has conducted 8 focus groups with students and 6 review meetings with school teachers/social workers to collect their feedback towards the programme. Two parent workshops and two training workshops were conducted in July and Aug 2015 for the teachers of participating schools. Currently, the project team is assessing the effectiveness of the programme.