Dr. Chee Hon Chan

Assistant Professor (Research)

My research focuses on population health and social policy evaluation. I am particularly interested in applying data-driven quantitative approach in exploring social determinants of wellbeing and health. My recent work extends to economic valuation on social goods. My doctoral study was in the field of public health and I am the recipient of the Award for Outstanding Research Postgraduate Student 2014-15 from The University of Hong Kong. Currently, my major work in the Centre is on the evaluation study on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund. Also, I am involving in various research projects in collaboration with multiple community stakeholders and organizations, including the Central Policy Unit and the Department of Health of the government of HKSAR, Oxfam, and the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association. My teaching is in quantitative research methods in social work.

Research Interests

Population health, subjective wellbeing, mental health, suicide prevention, economic valuation on social goods, social impact assessment