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    CSRP carries out leading research into the causes and prevention of self-harm and suicide, and collaborates with local and international partners to promote the Public Health Approach to suicide prevention. The Centre also coordinates training and interventions to promote good mental health in the community. It is also Hong Kong’s principle suicide surveillance centre, monitoring self-harm and suicide trends and providing accurate information to media and policymakers.

    Academic Papers

    The Centre is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and practitioners with interests including economic inequality, education, population control, media reporting on suicide, and internet usage. The Centre publishes peer-reviewed papers for international journals such as the BMJ and Social Science and Medicine, and is regularly consulted by local and international organisations as an authority on suicide prevention.

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    In an effort to support and promote mental well-being to the public, the CSPR published guidelines and manuals for schools, media, service providers, clients and families. Globally, suicide takes the lives of nearly one million people each year. CSRP recognises that tackling this problem requires both an individualised approach to supporting those at high risk, and also community-wide efforts that address conditions associated with suicidal tendencies and that improve societal wellbeing.

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