An Evaluation Study for Project WeCan

Background and Objectives

Since 2011, The Wharf Holdings Ltd. has launched a Business-in-Community programme, Project WeCan (PWC), which aims at offering care and opportunities for the less-privileged students in Hong Kong through a varieties of activities and providing participating schools both human and financial resources of Wharf. As it is a large scale business-school partnership programme, different stakeholders of PWC would like to know the effectiveness of the programme and to find out good practices for further dissemination. Thus, a research study is conducted to understand the impacts of PWC on participating schools, teachers, students and Wharf staff, the partnership quality of selected school-business unit dyads and the factors affecting partnership quality.

Major Project Activities

This research study included 3 case studies regarding the partnership of 3 school-business unit dyads and a volunteer survey for Wharf staff. Existing information of PWC such as school year plan and annual reports were reviewed. The project interviewed representatives of selected schools and business units, and held focus groups with students to examine the perceived impacts of the WeCan Project.

  • Members

    Professor Paul Yip, Dr. Frances Law

  • Duration

    Nov 2014 – June 2015

  • Funding


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