Hong Kong Altruism Index Survey

The CSRP team has developed and completed the first Hong Kong Altruism Index Survey (HKAIS) as a part of the Bless Hong Kong Campaign. The study aimed to conduct an in-depth investigation of altruistic behaviors in Hong Kong. It developed an Altruism-Index that can comprehensively capture Hong Kong residents’ altruistic behavior patterns and their profiles. It also measured motives and perceived benefits of altruistic behaviors, and investigated reasons for and barriers to participating in these behaviors. In addition, it assessed respondents’ subjective well-being, social trust, and opinions with poverty alleviation, and explored these factors’ relationships with altruistic behaviors in Hong Kong.

Based on the 1,104 Hong Kong residents who completed the HKAIS, Hong Kong is a place full of kindness. Close to 95% of the respondents have participated in at least some kind of altruistic activity in the past year, and about a third reported having done more than three kinds.

Almost all respondents (97%) thought that helping others is a source of happiness to certain level. Participants in altruistic activities consistently reported greater satisfaction with life, health, family, and job than non participants.

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