Joyful Ambassador@HW 好心情大使@HW


Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Haking Wong)


Wong Sin Ting (Project Leader)
Kwok Kam Lam
Sung Cheuk Yin
Yip Lai Sheung
Li Chin Wa
Wong Pui Yuk
Cheung Wai Ching
Li Chui Ying
Hui Yuk Nga
Li Wang Ho
Tam Kwok Nam
Tang Tsz Chun
Yu Kong Wah


Lui Yuk Yee, Mandy
Student Counsellor
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Haking Wong)


Through the training program of Joyful Ambassador@HW, the team hoped to develop a group of students who are well equipped to promote students’ awareness of mental health at school and foster an empathetic campus culture.


The theme of the project was mental health promotion among students, where a group of students were trained with necessary skills and knowledge on mental health, with an aim to promote the mental health awareness of students on campus, and to nurture an empathetic school environment.


The team organized four activities, namely Cheer Up Station, Joyful Message Wall, Joyful Market, and Joyful with Furry Kids. Cheer Up Station was set up during the period of projects and examinations, where students were comforted with hot herb tea and some encouraging sentences posted by the team. Students shared their ways of handling stress, and encouraging words and photos on the Joyful Message Wall. In addition, there were various activities held in Joyful Market, including Zentangle art, gardening, relaxing exercise, tasting of herb tea, and DIY aroma massage oil. Moreover, an animal therapy workshop, Joyful with Furry Kids, was conducted, in which the participants spent time having fun with dogs at an animal shelter.

This project has successfully promoted a positive and joyful atmosphere within IVE(HW) campus through different events organized by Joyful Ambassadors. The students gained a better understanding of mental health issues and released their stress by learning new techniques to manage their emotions. The students also enjoyed a cup of herb tea with different inspiring messages shown on each teacup at the Cheer Up Station. Besides, students also wrote and posted some encouraging and inspiring message on Joyful Message Wall. They shared their tips for happiness to other students and all messages were widely spread among students.


3400 students

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