Quality Education Fund Thematic Network on Developing Students’ Positive Attitudes and Values

Background and Objectives

Quality Education Fund (QEF) commissioned the Centre to conduct a consolidation and redevelopment work (C&R work) on 77 QEF projects on developing students’ positive attitudes and values in 2013-14. According to our findings, many of the selected projects focused on the psychological or social development of students and only a few were about the biological development of students. Many projects also lack systematic evaluations of project impacts, so only limited number of projects were designed based on empirical evidence. Therefore, it is uncertain whether such projects were effective to promote the well-being of students. Besides, a significant number of projects could not be continued because of lacking of human and financial resources, which affect the sustainability of the projects. In order to develop and promote effective, high quality and sustainable programmes about developing students’ positive attitudes and values in different schools, a QEF Thematic Network (QTN) of this theme was recommended to be set up. The major goal is to develop and promote evidence-based practices for developing students’ positive attitudes and values in schools.

Major Project Activities

Universal programmes for primary and secondary school students will be developed based on the evidence collected through this evaluation. In addition, training workshop for school teachers and seminars for parents will be conducted to further disseminate learning generated through this program.

The project is currently recruiting primary and secondary schools to participate in the project.

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