Shed It Off! 沸青,燃起來!


Tung Wah College


Lee Cheuk Yu (Project Leader)
Wong Chun Him
Au Man Hei
Wong Pui Yu
Ho Yan Hang
Choi Wing Bun


Wong Wing Him
Student Affairs Manager
Tung Wah College

A lot of surveys have pointed out that students studying in tertiary education are under enormous pressure, thus the team aimed to help Tung Wah College students to relieve stress and live a fruitful life. The team targeted to organize activities that were specifically designed for the development of students’ physical and mental health.

The project was aimed at providing regular sports activities, which helped students relieve stress, meet new friends, and developed their support network, thus reducing the risk of suicide in the long run. Also, with video and music therapy, it was hoped that students could have an opportunity to relax and calm down.

The team offered a variety of sports and arts activities, which included a bowling class, two yoga classes, a sub yoga class, a Zentangle class and competition, and an activity called Searching for Happiness. Searching for Happiness was an activity where team members selected some stress-relieving and funny videos on the Internet, and shared to students on campus using QR codes, where students can access the content easily.

The sports and arts activities successfully enabled students to alleviate their stress. As for the bowling class, half of the students who participated said their stress level had decreased afterwards after the activity. Most of the participants of yoga classes reported that they felt very relaxed and they were willing to choose yoga as one of the stress relieving methods in the future. As for the students who took part in Zentangle, they reported to have gained a better understanding of it, and had a feeling of calm and relaxed throughout the task. Also, over 100 students watched the stress-relieving videos and listened to selected music during the activity, Searching for Happiness.

300 students

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