Stories of PolyU


Hong Kong Baptist University


Mak Hau Yu, Tiffany (Project leader)
Ng Lok Man, Mandy
Fung On Yee, Anna
Lo Wai Tung, Bobby


Dr. Lit Siu Wai
Head of Office of Counselling and Wellness
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Mr Mok Ho Fai, Merv
Assistant Counsellor
Office of Counselling and Wellness
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


3 students of PolyU have chosen to end their lives during last academic year. Hence, this project hopes to via the collection of stories, to provide a platform for students to sit down and share their own stories, experiences and problems.

They believe:

  • The power of real life stories
    Everyone has their own stories worth telling and being listen to
  • Everyone has their unique values to be found out
  • Others will be inspired by each other’s’ experience which in turn assist self to find out their own values and the meaning of life
  • Interpersonal relationships are crucial in life
  • Interactions bring positive influence to one and other, where love, care and positive energy can be spread in the community

The aim of this project is to identify students with emotional distress and invite them to share their life stories, to provided support to students with emotional distress through the giving of feedback after the sharing of stories and to spread love, care and positive energy in PolyU campus.


Stories Collectors were recruited and trained. Some questions from the Proust personality questionnaire were used as ways to start conversation and storytelling with other students.

The Human café acted as a pop up store, where the location and opening time were flexible. It opened once a week and provided a platform for PolyU students to share their life stories and learn from each other.


Through the experience of sharing own and listening to others’ stories, students were able to reflect upon their personal experiences and felt being emotionally supported. Furthermore, all students and staff were told to fill in their subjective happiness scale before and after the story telling session. Results showed positive impact on those who participated, where they have become subjectively happier.

3040 participants

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