WeCare About You 陪著你走


Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)


TANG Shun Kei (Project Leader)
CHE Ling Chung
FUNG Ka Chun
MAN Ho Fung
Nigel Nazareth Shenoy
PANG Tsz Yan
TAM Wing Shan
TAM Tsz Ling
TANG Shun Kei
WONG Suet Yi
CHUNG Tsui Ting
SZE Ho Shing


Leung Yuen Ling, Leona
Assistant Professor
Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong



In THEi (Tsing Yi), a student was died by suicide on campus as he was suffering from tremendous stress few years ago. The recurrent news about IVE students committing suicide has, thus, raised the team’s concern. It has been suggested that stress is highly correlated with student suicide. Therefore, the team decided to tackle this risk factor by organizing various games, booths and outdoor activities for students to join and, consequently in aim to reduce students’ pressure.

Through this project, the team aimed to identify and assist students who are stressed, encourage help-seeking behavior among them, and offer mental health education, all with an aim to empower students to help themselves and others when experiencing intense emotions.


The team set up regular booths within school campus, offering a variety of activities, such as song dedication and distribution of gifts, booklets, and food for stress relief. In addition, different mental health activities, such as Zentangle, muscle relaxation exercise, and sharing of heartwarming messages were also introduced to students coming into the booth. Before leaving the booth, students were encouraged to finish a self-assessing stress test to understand their mental health conditions.

Apart from the activities at the booth, the team also created a Facebook page and an Instagram account to share information related to suicide prevention and stress management. Nature Feeling Activity and Death Education Activity were held as well.

With song dedication, students were able to share their emotions at the booth, while the music aided other students to reduce stress and tension. Students also gained a better understanding of various types of food for stress relief, and have learned how to manage stress through their everyday diets. Two additional ways, Zentangle and Progressive Muscle Relaxation, were also taught to students to relieve distress in their spare time. Some students also engaged in the team’s social media accounts, in aim of spreading the message on the importance of help-seeking. Furthermore, Nature Feeling Activity enabled participants to temporarily calm down and enjoy the beauty of nature, while Life Education Activity encouraged participants to reflect the true meaning of life.

4200 students

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